Lithographix is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment and operating in a manner that will benefit our employees, our neighbors and the community at large. To this end, we ensure that we:

1. Identify, monitor, and measure the environmental impact of Lithographix operations and products on the environment.
2. Establish controls for reducing environmental impacts and complying with relevant environmental legislation and regulations.
3. Conserve natural resources, reduce waste streams and prevent pollution.
4. Communicate our policy and procedures to our employees and other interested parties for the benefit of our environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility serves as the foundation of our Business Philosophy.


LithoxGreen Vinyl
We are one of only a handful of companies that work with clients to recycle bulletins.

Solar Power
Our roof contains hundreds of 650k solar panel units. We have one of the largest solar array systems in Southern California — larger than any other printer in the state.

Energy Source
In addition to the power generated by our solar panels, Lithographix receives power from California's utility grid through the Southern California Edison Company. Over 12% of this energy is generated through renewable resources (e.g. geothermal, bio mass, wind and solar).

Paper Recycling
We bundle and recycle all of our paper waste — none of it goes in a land fill. All product waste streams are recycled.

FSC® (FSC-C018793)
We believe in using only environmentally conscious paper manufacturers who participate in responsible forestry management. We are certified by these top industry organizations.

Air Quality
Lithographix cares about what goes into the air. We use the latest regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) technology on our full web presses, producing 99% clean-up while using less natural gas to fire the afterburner units. Additionally, we use low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) inks on both our sheetfed and web presses. Some of our inks have "zero" VOC levels.

All inks used by Lithographix are G7 and SWOP certified. These standards are maintained through spectral analysis testing (i.e., L.a.b. parameters). Additionally, all inks are tested for metal and non-metallic compounds using Method EPA6010B, EPA200.8, and Method SM4500-Si D by independent laboratories. Renewable resources in our inks range from 30% in web inks to 90% in sheetfed inks.

Conflict Minerals Statement
Lithographix is commited to the ethical sourcing of materials used in our manufacturing facility. We strictly oppose the use of minerals revenue to fund or in any way foster ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and are committed to supporting efforts that address the funding and root causes of this conflict.

As defined by the SEC, Conflict Minerals are:

Lithographix expects that our suppliers implement a Conflict Minerals Due Diligence management system to determine the sources of materials supplied to Lithographix on or after January 31, 2013 and commit to the EICC Code, which is located at:

If Lithographix determines a deficiency in a supplier's efforts to comply with this policy, Lithographix reserves the right to take appropriate actions up to and including discontinuing purchases from the supplier.