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About Us

Herb Zebrack chuckles when he recalls his surprise in the early days of Lithographix when he learned that his business partner was colorblind! The happy irony is that we grew to become an award-winning company known for beautiful color reproduction. But, how did we become the largest privately owned printing company in the West?

The past two decades brought significant changes to the printing industry. Technology began to overshadow craftsmanship, and the volume of offset printing projects declined. Resisting change was not an option for Lithographix, nor was abandoning our roots.

In order to succeed, we had to reimagine the concept of "who are we?" We embraced technology, incorporated creative arts and brought essential products and services under one roof – all while remaining true to our core business.

With over 250 employees, you​ could say Lithographix is a large company. Take a walk through our 250,000-square-foot facility, and you will confirm it. However, unrestricted by corporate red tape, we are as fluid and flexible as a much smaller company, allowing us to accommodate our clients' changing requirements.

Though the landscape has changed, at Lithographix, we believe that our company name is as relevant today as it was over 40 years ago. We are a printing company. And we are a graphic arts company. And we are so much more!

Litho + graphix. That's who we are.

Location, Location, Location

Our premiere location off of the 105 freeway just five miles from LAX makes travel and tourism a breeze for our in-town and out-of-town customers. Proudly located in Hawthorne, California, we share our community with some of the largest burgeoning companies in the nation. SpaceX, Tesla and Amazon are just a few of our neighbors, with the first stage of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket standing tall across the street.

Whether you are joining us for several days, or simply an afternoon, you are never more than 10 miles from Downtown Los Angeles, LAX, and popular beach communities like Santa Monica, Venice, Marina del Rey, and the South Bay.


How we got to be the largest privately owned printer in the west.


Our Executives

Lithographix Executive photo Herb Sebrack, President
  • Herb Zebrack
Lithographix VP General Manager Ed Binder photo
  • Ed Binder
  • VP General Manager
Lithographix Executive photo Layne Morey, Executive VP Sales
  • Layne Morey
  • Executive VP Sales
Lithographix Executive photo Jim Shelton, VP Regional Sales
  • Jim Shelton
  • VP Regional Sales
Lithographix Executive photo Randy Parkes, VP Marketing
  • Randy Parkes
  • VP Marketing
Lithographix Executive photo Mark Nuremberg, VP Business Development
  • Mark Nuremberg

Our Equipment

It's not just the abundant equipment or expansive capabilities that make Lithographix different. Our passionate and dedicated people are the hearts and minds behind everything we manufacture, consistently delivering the best product in the best possible way.

  • Lithography
  • Grand Format
  • Prepress
  • Digital Offset